Robotic Security Team for Intelligent Surveillance and Patrolling

Unparalleled Security

Round-the-clock autonomous patrolling, onboard video analytics for human detection and face recognition.

Supremely Reliable Guarding

A drastic decrease in the number of personnel, mitigation of human factor-related risks and uncertainties.

Security robot S5.2

Unlimited Opportunities to Guard the Largest Facilities and Areas

AI-controlled collaborative patrolling, several robot models for various purposes.

The security robots of the S5.2 series

Intelligent video surveillance with human detection and face recognition

Security robot Intelligent Surveillance System

Fully autonomous round-the-clock patrolling of areas


Security robot Fully Autonomous Patrolling 

Artificial intelligence in the collaborative interaction of robots

Security robot Artificial Intelligence


24/7 security patrolling


Smart Video Surveillance

Collaborative Patrolling by a Team of Security Robots

24/7 security patrolling


Continuous patrolling of the protected area by robots is supported with automatic battery charging stations. A sufficient number of automatic charging stations in the observation positions allows keeping the batteries charged during the entire operation time. During charging robot continues to conduct video surveillance.


At night, in case of insufficient artificial lighting, the robot uses its own infrared illumination. To work in complete darkness a robot-guard Argus equipped with a PTZ thermal camera.

Smart Video Surveillance


Recognition and tracking of objects with video analytics based on Deep Learning.


Detecting faces and their photo-video recording for subsequent recognition and identification of unauthorized personnel.


Reliable human detection in any lighting conditions for the purposes of intrusion detection in uninhabited protected areas. Human recognition thermal bi-spectrum PTZ camera on distance up to 200 meters in complete darkness.


Automatic sound notification in case if an intrusion is detected or when approaching to the protected perimeter.

Collaborative Patrolling by a Team of Security Robots

Control of a group of robots through Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Big Data analysis. When patrolling a large area with several robots, decisions about the choice of the observation position and patrol route are made based on the interaction of robots among themselves without a human pre-programmed algorithm.

In the group of security robots carrying out autonomous patrolling, there is no decision center. Each robot independently makes decisions about its own actions. This makes the robotic grouping a highly reliable network centric system with distributed decision centers.

 Multi-Robot System

Smart video analytics in second evolution Security Robots

SMP Security Robot



Two generation of security robots

SMP Security Robot



The latest generation SRX robot has embodied the best solutions from a decade of autonomous mobile robots’ development by SMP Robotics. Security robots of the previous generation were in actual use in the US, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Chile.

360-degree panoramic video surveillance

Human detection on distance up to 30 m

Video cameras at human eye level

Video surveillance above obstacles, photos of human faces optimal for recognition

Audible warning and intercom

Operator call and automatic replaying of warnings

Soft rubber, high-performance suspension

Sufficient cross-country ability for reliable travel on imperfect roads

S5.2 - second evolution Security Robot

PTZ video camera

Human detection and tracking. Face photo recognizable in the range of up to 100 m.

A stroboscope on the video surveillance mast

Automatic motion and system status alarms

Stereo cameras obstacle avoidance system 

Back to travel route, stop in case of significant deviation from route

Invisible motion path illumination

IR illumination for obstacle detection at night

Seamless Integration into ONVIF CMS
Security messenger service

An intelligent security and video analytics system is the most cutting-edge solution in the 5th generation of security robots. Based on groundbreaking solutions from Nvidia, a leader on the market of video super processors, SMP Robotics programmers developed fantastically efficient and reliable solutions. The game-changing capabilities of deep-learning neural networks enabled to surpass the human capabilities of face and human recognition on a long distances.

Turnkey Robotic Security System

As a developer of security robots, SMP Robotics installs the robotic security system at a patrol site on its own, to provide a turnkey solution. During operation the company professionals offer maintenance of robots, 24/7 remote monitoring of their operability.


The service is implemented directly by SMP Robotics solely in 2019. Any subsequent installations will be done by certified partners.


For large objects, the company guarantees uninterrupted operation of robots by forming a backup fleet of robots.

Robotic Security System Set

Security Robots in the Services Business

Security robots are the perfect equipment to be engaged in a services business. Two options are most promising. First, maintenance and installation of robots at the client’s facility.


A team of two technicians can maintain 20 to 30 robots. The maintenance alerts will arrive from the virtual monitoring center of SMP Robotics.


The second option requires investments but will enable to achieve high profitability. The business implies owning a fleet of robots for renting or leasing.

Evaluate the Benefits of a Robotic Security Team Right Now!

Use the web service below to evaluate the capabilities of a robotic security team at your own site. To do this, simply find the location of the guarded site on Google Maps, indicate the optimal surveillance points, and map out the expected patrolling route between them. The software wil... Show all  calculate the travel time between surveillance points and the time for stationary surveillance, which will help you evaluate the number of robots necessary for the chosen site.

Unmanned Security System Deployment

When purchasing a robotic security team, do consider their installation. The installation can be performed by one of our distributors. If you are planning to expand your robotic fleet, or if you are interested in the undeniable business opportunities related to offering security robot services and... Show all maintenance to other organizations, you might want to consider installation skills training for your in-house personnel. Our company offers such training for the robot installation professionals.