Robotic Security Team for Intelligent Surveillance and Patrolling

Saves more than 3 times

Spend over three times less on security patrolling with a robotic security team. The robots can fully replace your security guards and provide truly uninterrupted patrolling.

Artificial intelligence system

With on-board supercomputers providing video surveillance analytics and employing artificial intelligence algorithms, the security robots offer highly efficient threat discovery and intrusion prevention.

Security robot S5.2

Integration into Video Monitoring

A robotic security team can either be fully autonomous, or work alongside your security offices, integrating easily into existing Video Monitoring Systems. 

The security robots of the S5.2 series

Intelligent Surveillance with Face Recognition and Human Tracking

Security robot Intelligent Surveillance System

Fully autonomous patrolling day and night 24/7

Security robot Fully Autonomous Patrolling 

Artificial Intelligence in a Multi-Robot Security System

Security robot Artificial Intelligence


Night security patrol


Security Robots VS Security Guards 

Multi-robots systems coordination and cooperation 

Night Security Patrol


A robotic security team works day and night, providing security 24/7. In night mode, the robots use infrared illumination of the pathway, making them barely noticeable to people. In case of alarm, a warning beacon (beam) is activated.

Security Robots vs Security Guards


A security robot automatically patrols the area along a programmed route and transmits video image via 4G or Wi-Fi. The robot is equipped with a 360-degree intelligent video surveillance system. The intelligent surveillance system of a security robot detects people and their faces. When a person or a vehicle appears in its field of view, the system detects them and sends an instant message via Telegram.


The robot can issue an audio warning to inform the intruder about entering a restricted (prohibited) area. The operator can communicate with the person in proximity of the robot through a built-in intercom device.

Multi-robots systems coordination and сooperation


The security robots are capable of working as a single team. When one robot leaves to be recharged, the rest redistribute the routes so that no area remains uncovered. If one of the robots travels into a remote patrolling area where wireless communication is restricted, the rest relocate themselves to transmit its data in MESH mode.

Multi-Robot System

Smart video analytics in second evolution Security Robots

SMP Security Robot



Two generation of security robots

SMP Security Robot



Our offering includes new second generation robots. These robots incorporate all of our experience working with first generation models. They feature a top-notch visual navigation system, high maneuverability, invisible infrared illumination, an audio alarm, and an intercom device for communicating with the operator. 

Surveillance cameras

Visual navigation provides work without GPS

Tall mast

The height of the cameras as the patrolling man

Remote control

To call the operator and intercom to talk

Large wheels

Excelent permeability

S5.2 - second evolution Security Robot

PTZ camera

Automatically detecting people's faces

LEDs in the head

Indication of operating modes

Stereo cameras

On the console to avoid obstacles

The LEDs above the stereo cameras

Invisible IR lights for operating in darknes

The most cutting-edge feature, however, is an intelligent video analytics security system. The smart surveillance system can reliably detect humans even in the most challenging conditions, using deep learning neural networks to analyze images from built-in cameras. With exceptional computing capabilities of the embedded computer the analysis can be performed on-board the robot, and the resulting image with the human highlighted is then transmitted to the control center.

A Robotic Security System Set

We provide sets that include seven robots and additional equipment necessary for the robots' autonomous operation at a single site. This is an optimal number of robots for an average-sized guarded site. The robots offer the highest cost-efficiency when used at large sites requiring constant patrolling and mobile video surveillance. 

Robotic Security System Set

Security Robotics as a Service

Creating robotic fleets for lease to security companies is undoubtedly a promising business. Companies that are able to use engineering staff capable of qualified robot servicing and installation, will enjoy the benefits offered by the huge security robot services market. Each year, the robots will become more affordable, and their capabilities will be expanding. However, no matter how advanced they become, they will always require servicing and repairs by qualified personnel.

Evaluate the Benefits of a Robotic Security Team Right Now!

Use the web service below to evaluate the capabilities of a robotic security team at your own site. To do this, simply find the location of the guarded site on Google Maps, indicate the optimal surveillance points, and map out the expected patrolling route between them. The software wil... Show all  calculate the travel time between surveillance points and the time for stationary surveillance, which will help you evaluate the number of robots necessary for the chosen site.

Unmanned Security System Deployment

When purchasing a robotic security team, do consider their installation. The installation can be performed by one of our distributors. If you are planning to expand your robotic fleet, or if you are interested in the undeniable business opportunities related to offering security robot services and... Show all maintenance to other organizations, you might want to consider installation skills training for your in-house personnel. Our company offers such training for the robot installation professionals.