S5.2 Series Intelligent Security Robots

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The security robots offered by SMP Robotics are capable of unmanned, automated-mode patrolling. The security robot's guidance system allows for highly-precise movement along a route set during the learning process. 

The robot uses visual and satellite navigation, and that is why the best precision for it to follow its route is achieved while making adjustments by using both means. For the visual navigation system to work at its full capacity, sufficient illumination is necessary. In case there is insufficient illumination, patrolling routes out in the open are to be used, in order to ensure stable operation of the GPS system.

With its highly efficient long-stroke wheel suspension, the robot can reliably traverse rough pathways, such as gravel tracks.

An emergency shutdown system

In case the robot significantly deviates from its route - for example, when taking a long detour around an obstacle - the robot is equipped with an emergency shutdown system that is triggered when the robot deviates from its route by more than 5 meters. For such situations, to return the robot to its route, there is a manual remote control mode.

Getting back on its route

While patrolling, the security robot is capable of taking detours around obstacles and then getting back on its route. To move around during the night in conditions of inadequate lighting, the robot turns on infrared illumination that is invisible to the naked human eye.


Multi-Robot Systems

Coordination and Communication

in Multi-Robot Systems

The robots' group mode of operation supports the ability to control how robots are distributed along the patrol routes to perform video surveillance on common areas of the premises are consecutively surveyed from different observation positions. It provides for uniform patrolling around the premises while minimizing the number of operating robots. It also controls the selection of the position by the repeater-robot to support the MESH network operation.

Data can be exchanged through Wi-Fi or 4G

All robots are equipped with warning lights and sound notification. The voice alert is capable of repeating set phrases multiple times. There is a mode for voice communication over a built-in IP intercom between the operator and a person located near the robot. Data can be exchanged between robots, the base station, and the operator through Wi-Fi or 4G.

The Security Robot Messenger mobile messaging service

The operation of robots while they are on their surveillance patrol routes is supported by notifications through the Security Robot Messenger mobile messaging service. This service informs on the robots' condition, and transmits images of alarm events detected by the video analytics system to the supervisor's and security guards' telephones. To watch the video stream and see the robot's current position on the facility map, there is a specially designed software application, the Mobile Patrol Viewer. It was developed for use on an Android-powered laptop (tablet).

Security patrol robot S5.2

4 Models of Security Patrol Robots

All security robot models offer the same autonomous patrolling capabilities. The difference between them is the video surveillance system installed.

2 types of video surveillance systems

There are two types of video surveillance systems available for the security robots. One video surveillance system is using on-board video analysis capability based on the built-in supercomputer. This type of security robot is able to automatically detect people that fall into the video surveillance cameras' field of view. This function is essential for patrolling when there are no people around, and when the appearance of a person on the guarded premises represents an alarm situation. In addition, these robot models have a buffer video recording mode that guarantees reliable transmission of the alarm event video regardless of the quality of the wireless connection. The second type allows for transmitting compressed video streams from the video surveillance cameras without analyzing them, and storing them aboard the robot.

2 types: with a PTZ camera and without one

There are two kinds of design possible for both types of security robots: with a PTZ camera and without one. All robots have 6 cameras that permit 360-degree video surveillance over medium distances. To perform surveillance over long distances (more than 50 meters), the robots come equipped with a PTZ camera. During the daytime, the PTZ camera allows to observe the space around the robot over distances up to 200 meters. At night, the observation distance strongly depends on how well-lit the premises under observation are.

Smart Security Robots

Smart Security Robot



S5.2 IS

S5.2 Promt Smart security robot

Intelligent 360-degree video surveillance and a Wi-Fi MESH repeater

A continuous 360-degree surveillance, and human detection over medium distances using an on-board intelligent video analysis system. It is ideal for patrolling along winding routes in confined spaces of medium-sized premises. Equipped with a highly-efficient Wi-Fi MESH antenna. Promt is able to perform intelligent video surveillance tasks, and operate as a repeater to transmit data from other robots that are located outside the coverage area for the base station. Supports edge recording when working with the ONVIF VMS.

Smart Security Robot




S5.2 Picard Smart security robot

Intelligent PTZ video surveillance and continuous panoramic video analysis

Detecting and recognizing objects at great distances using an automatically controlled PTZ camera. Continuous 360-degree panoramic image analysis, intelligent video analysis using two built-in T9 supercomputers. Perfect for robotized surveillance patrolling and video surveillance on large-sized premises that are out in the open. Provides for a high level of reliability for detecting people through a detection system that functions autonomously at different distances. Supports edge recording when working with the ONVIF VMS.

Security Surveillance Robots

Security Surveillance Robot



S5.2 IP

S5.2 Djet Security surveillance robot

360-degree video surveillance upon request and a Wi-Fi MESH repeater. Attractive price

Provides 360-degree online video surveillance. Designed to set up mobile video surveillance with ONVIF VMS in conditions where there is stable wireless communication. Does not have built-in video analytics or buffer recording capability. Equipped with a highly-efficient Wi-Fi MESH antenna. It is the most cost-effective solution that allows retransmissions through a Wi-Fi MESH network where there is no direct visibility between robots and the base station. Among all the robot models, this one provides the longest period of autonomous operation without recharging.

Security Surveillance Robot




S5.2 Kepler Security surveillance robot

Remote control for the PTZ camera and 360-degree video surveillance upon request

Equipped with an HD PTZ camera that can be manually operated and function upon VMS commands. Designed for mobile video surveillance of large-sized premises out in the open. Allows for uninterrupted 360-degree online surveillance over medium distances. Ideally suited for work as a mobile camera as part of ONVIF VMS in conditions where there is reliable radio coverage. Allows the use of VMS server video analytics capability and works in systems that can recognize faces and people. Does not have built-in video analytics or buffer recording capability.

The comparative characteristics of S5.2 series security surveillance robots

LabelS5.2 ISS5.2 PTZ ISS5.2 IPS5.2 PTZ IP
720P panoramic camerasAHDAHDIPIP
Sensitivity of panoramic cameras0.005 lx0.005 lx0.004 lx0.004 lx
1/2.8" PTZ camera, optical zoom/resolutionnonex20 720Pnonex20 1080P
Sensitivity of PTZ cameranone0.1 lxnone0.1 lx
Cameras for object detectionpanoramicpanoramic and PTZnonenone
Long-distance detection of pedestrians, daytime, up to100 ft (30 m)300 ft (100 m)nonenone
Embedded computer for video analysisT92pcs T9nonenone
Recordsconstantly or detection pedestriannonenone
Bitrate and storage size per channel2048Kb/s or 4096 Kb/s, 0.9GB or 1.8 GB2048Kb/s
SSD size, standart64GBnonenone
Wi-Fi MESH antennas8dBi2dBi6dBi2dBi
Estimated operating time12 hours10 hours16 hours14 hours
Charging time4 hours in fast mode or 6 hours in normal mode
S5.2 robot specifications
S5.2 robot technical data
Technical specifications
Cruising range at +5°C (41°F), up to24 km15 miles
Accuracy of check-point drive-through circle radius0.8 m2.5’
Minimum illumination for visual navigation6 lux
Minimum illumination for obstacle avoided systems0 lux
Speed while traveling autonomously4 - 6 km/h2.5 - 4 mph
Width of patrol route path, min0.9 m3.0’
Turning radius, min5 m16.4’
Ground Clearance14 cm5.5"
Climbing Angle15°
Dimension1420 х 780 х 1320mm56" х 31" х 52"
Weight (with batteries)110 kg240 lb
Waterproof and dustproof levelIP65
Operating temperature range-20°C … +45°C-4°F … 113°F
Storage temperature range-40°C … +70°C-40°F … 158°F
Acoustic noise64dB (A)
Body and Chassis
FrameAluminum alloy, Hard Anodizing
Standard ColorOrange, Blue, White
Tires145/75 R8
Vehicle Power
Drive SystemRear differential drive
Motor drive24 Volts DC 500W
Brake SystemElectromagnetic
Battery for regular use2 x 12.8V 200 A/h Lithium iron phosphate LiFePo4
Battery for trial use only2 x 12.6V 120A/h Lead Acid
Battery Charger48 Volt DC/ 110-250VAC, 600W, UL/CSA, off board
Charging time4 hours in fast mode or 6 hours in normal mode
Wireless4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Ad Hock, Bluetooth
AudioIP Intercom, Audio file playback
VisualColor Beacon and Alarm Button
Remote Control915 MHz or 434.05-434.75 MHz, ISM band

See Video

The video analytics system of the Promt security robot

On board the Promt robot, the system processes images from 6 panoramic cameras. The images from these cameras are transmitted in turns to an alarm system video channel that is accessible for wireless (4G or Wi-Fi) hookup to an ONVIF CMS. When the image of a person appears on the camera display, the channel sweep is stopped, and only the image where a human being has been recognized is transmitted to the alarm system video channel. On the display, the recognized human being is highlighted with a red frame. At the same time, the Security Robot Messenger receives a photo with the human being, as well as a link to download the 10-second video fragment starting from the time the person was detected.


Even if one of the cameras reveals a person, the video analysis system continues analyzing the images from other video cameras in turns. If another camera reveals a human being, then video from that is also fed into the alarm system video channel. The corresponding message is sent to the Security Robot Messenger. All of the channels via which people are revealed are added to the alarm system's video channel. When a person disappears from the camera's field of vision, after 3 seconds that video is removed from the alarm system's video channel.


The video analytics system of the Picard security robot

Along with video analysis of images from panoramic cameras - similar to the Promt robot - the Picard robot analyzes images from PTZ cameras, and controls their movement. The PTZ cameras scan the surrounding space using a shifting zoom, and transmit the images to a second video alarm channel that is accessible for wireless (4G or Wi-Fi) hookup to an ONVIF CMS.


If a human being or another object is revealed that is determined by using a supplemental object library (for example, an automobile), then it is highlighted by a red frame, and the photo is sent off to Security Robot Messenger, along with a link to download the relevant 10-second video fragment.  At the same time, the object tracking operation mode is switched on via swiveling the PTZ camera.


When a human being is revealed, the image is analyzed to look for the person's face from a frontal position. When the front face position is found, the image is highlighted by a dark blue frame, and the photo is transmitted to the Security Robot Messenger.  Control of the PTZ camera can be switched over to manual operation mode by action commands from the ONVIF CMS


Features of the Robots for Human Security Guard Replacement

System for robotized patrolling

  • Autonomous moveling by the set route
  • Avoiding obstacles and returning to the route
  • Patrolling in low-light conditions
  • Invisible illumination of the patrol route
  • Shutting down when deviating from the route
  • Recalling from the route in case of emergency using manual remote control mode
  • Returning to be recharged when batteries are depleted

Intelligent video surveillance and sound notification

  • 360-degree video surveillance, PTZ camera for two models
  • Human and face detection
  • H.265 compression and Edge recording
  • ONVIF support
  • Audible warnings in robot's immediate environment
  • Communication intercom between the operator and people around the robot
  • Multi-color beacon


  • Instant notification about events through the Security Robot Messenger
  • Mobile Patrol Viewer for a laptop (tablet)
  • Transmitting "ONVIF video" via Wi-Fi or 4G *
  • 4G exchange of service data and remote monitoring *
  • Saving routes in the cloud *

System with multiple robots

  • Uniform distribution along the patrol route
  • Complementary surveillance of the common areas on premises that precludes the possibility of duplication
  • Selecting the positions for the repeaters to support the Wi-Fi MESH network

*  provided a local SIM is installed in a conventional 4G router and
payment is made for traffic 

Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice